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Meine Fächer
Englisch für Volks- und Mittelschulen, Italienisch für Volks- und Mittelschulen, Geschichte und Erdkunde, Deutsch für Volks- und Mittelschulen.
Meine bisherige Erfahrung im Nachhilfebereich

- Tutoring Children from primary to high school in both English and German

- CPA certificate

- CELTA certificate



Ich stelle mich mal kurz vor!

Nathalie, 27, grad student, writer and poet. 

Lover of literature and languages, and cats ;)

Drei Gründe weshalb du mich kontaktieren solltest

Having trouble learning English at school? Never got the hang of it as an adult? Do you believe (or hope) learning should be fun? Then I'm the right person for you :)

I will tailor our classes to your personal requierments and learning pace.

Make it fun, diffrerent and exctiting.

And will be avaiable to you around the clock.

Michela C

Davvero professionale,molto brava, paziente e preparata....anche molto flessibile negli orari e davvero la consiglio

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